Selling old books can be as simple as listing them online but often that becomes overly complicated when you have hundreds of books. The amount of time it takes often makes it challenging or impossible. Our company specializes in large collections of rare, unusual and obscure books. We are experts in valuation and offer a free quote on your collection. We are currently looking for collections 500 pieces and over. Contact Us below to sell your books today! 


To learn more about the process visit our How it Works or FAQ pages. 


What Are My Books Worth?

There are a number of factors that go into the overall value of a book. We are happy to give you an estimate but consider the following value factors when submitting your collection for appraisal:



Dust Jacket




Previous Ownership

Author Signed


Most of these factors can be assessed by a good quality images. When contacting us for a quote include well lit pictures of any relavent features for the quickest and most accurate assessment. The more information we have the better we can assist you.


    How Do I Sell Books That Are Rare, Out of Print, or Predate ISBNs?

    Of course, your private book collection may contain unique books. Such books may be scarce, out of print, or predate the advent of ISBNs in the 1960's. The absence of an ISBN can make working out the value of a book more difficult. It is even more important to note the value factors above in order to get an accurate price. While we usually focus on large collections we are open to the purchase of rare or unusual books in smaller collections. Reach out to us if you believe you may have something unique!