Cash For Your Books is one of the largest buyers of estate books in the country! We specialize in comics and pulp magazines and have the capacity to purchase even the largest collections in a quick and organized manor. Our skilled team will appraise your collection and send a cash offer, just contact us to start the process.

 To learn more about the process visit our How it Works or FAQ pages. 


What We Are Looking For

We normally try to concentrate on large collections of 100 pieces or more from the Platinum, Golden, Silver & Bronze Age (1900s through to 1980), however we will discuss smaller collections if there are issues of significant rarity or value. Visit our FAQ page with any questions about our process or for additional information on what we buy. 


Examples of Pulp Magazines

Pulp magazines have had a significant impact on pop culture. Many of our fiction genres would not exist without these long-lost publications. Much of what we watch in film and television, play in video games, and read in books and comics are because of authors and illustrators during the pulp fiction era which lasted from the late 1800s to the 1950s. 

The most prominent examples of pulp magazines are Argosy, Adventure, Blue Book, and Short Stories. Pulp historians call these the big four of the pulp magazine world.

  • Argosy


  • Adventure


  • Blue Book

    Blue Book

  • Short Stories

    Short Stories