Book & General FAQ's


What kind of books do you buy?

We mainly focus on hardback non-fiction titles including first edition, signed, hobby, historical, antique or scholarly titles. We do evaluate collections of all sorts so don’t hesitate to reach out!


What types of books do you NOT buy?

Current mass market titles including New York Times best sellers, school textbooks, children's books, paperbacks, books in poor condition.


Do I need to send photos of my entire collection?

No, but please send detailed, well-lit images that best represent your collection.


Do you ever purchase smaller collections?

We prefer collections of over 500 pieces but we will consider smaller lots if they are rare or unusual. There is no minimum or maximum value to the collections we purchase.


Do you need a complete list of my collection?

Lists are definitely helpful but a general idea or very good images will usually work for us.


Do you buy library books?

Yes! We purchase both public and academic library collections. We also accept library books from private collections.


How much do you pay for books?

The prices offered will vary depending on factors such as quality, quantity, condition, rarity and antiquity. Contact Us for a free evaluation.


What condition do my books need to be in?

The more pristine the condition the better. We are able to make a higher offer for books in better shape. While we accept books in most conditions severely damaged collections may be rejected.


How should I prepare my books for sale?

While we handle packing and removal of your collection make sure they are stored properly until we can get to you. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat. Keeping valuable or rare books in protective covers or boxes is advised.


How do I get my books to you?

That is the easy part! Once you have decided to sell your books we will make arrangements to pack and pick them up. We supply the boxes and manpower to move any number of books in a quick and courteous manner.


 How long until you can pick up my books?

We can be anywhere in the country within 48 hours but sometimes it can take a little longer. We can work with any deadline or limitation. Contact Us for current scheduling.


How quickly will I be paid for my books?

We can offer payment as soon as we can view your books. Sometimes images are enough, for larger collections we need to see them in person. We send your choice of payment before we pick up any part of your collection.


What happens to my books after you take them?

Your books are first taken to our warehouse where they are processed. Many of them end up at one of our four family bookstores in Southern California.


What makes a book “antique”?

Antique books are typically defined as those that are at least 100 years old. However, this definition can vary depending on the specific field or collector.


Where else can I sell my books?

The best places to sell your books are Amazon, eBay or Craigslist but they can be time consuming and charge high fees to use their platform. If you only have a few books this might be your best option but to save time and money consider selling your large collections to us!

Comic Book FAQ's


Do you buy Graded (CGC, CBCS, PGX, etc) issues?

Yes, we buy both graded and ungraded issues.


Do you buy newer comics?

Yes, we purchase modern comics to some extent. Contact us to see if your collection is something we are interested in.

Manga & Graphic Novels


What titles do you buy?

We buy all titles! Contact Us for more information and to receive a quote. We are currently only interested in complete sets and author signed works.


Do you only buy English language editions?

While we mainly focus on English publications we do sometimes consider Japanese language editions.


Do you buy doujinshi?

It depends! Contact Us to see if we are currently buying doujin.