Cash 4 Your Books is a fast and easy way to turn your book collection into quick CASH. We offer free online quotes, complimentary packing and haul away and lightning quick payment. We are a premier large volume buyer with a team across the United States waiting to take your call. With millions of books already in inventory we have the capacity to quickly receive any size collection at our warehouse located in Southern California.
With over 30 years in the book buying business we have grown from a small family operation to the scale we are at today. We are proud to operate four discount bookstores in the Los Angeles area allowing anyone to enjoy a good book at a great price. Our philosophy has always been to share our passion with people of all backgrounds. 

With our generational passion and knowledge we are able to offer the best price for your collections and truly appreciate the lifetime it took to create them.
Contact Us below if you are ready to receive a quote. Visit Our FAQ page to learn more and how the process works.